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When working on a project our main goal is to capture the authenticity through storytelling and community. Many of our projects are experimental by nature and are centered around low-income communities and Black youth culture. Our current projects range from interview series, fashion projects, to curated events. We hope to continue to grow and take on larger projects that focuses on world-building and non-traditional stories.  



Product Photography + Branding 

This project is an invitation into our world, our cypher. "Enter Da Cyph" reflects on our culture and upbringing intertwined with our mission to "Inspire Da Youth; Elevate Da Hood, Wherever we are". We pay homage to our hood through art and fashion. This project includes 5 designs, an activity book, and a limited collaboration. 


Interview Series 

A series highlighting Black creatives, and entrepreneurs, and more. CYPH Sessions celebrates and sheds light on the talent coming out of our community. 




Product Photography + Social media marketing 

This project can be broken down into two shoots: a simple product photography setup for CYPH's collab collection that featured 8 versatile, oversized utility vests and a creative product setup that explored the relationship between Black women and their bags. 

All materials sourced and hand-made from recycled fabrics from our friends @fab_scrap.


Curation + Event planning 

PROJECTS: A night of Art, Community, and Celebration was our first attempt at a hood art show. We're challenging gatekeeping and the idea of what an art museum/space should be and who has access to it. This show was based out of our studio in our founder's NYCHA apartment. We featured multiple Black artists with close ties to NYC or NYCHA and paid them for their time. 

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