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When dreaming up Da Cypher we thought a lot about the type of impact we want to make in our community.  Our desired contribution always fell in the realm of documentation. 

We recognize the importance that artists hold in our community specifically around documenting our history and culture. For example, the creative writers analyze, the photographers and filmmakers capture, the visual and fine artist imagine, the dancers feel, and the spoken-word poets and rappers perform our culture. 

We hope to add to the Black archive created by creatives before us by capturing the experiences of our community through print. 


Our activity book can be broken down into three parts: an Ode to NYC, Art & Protest, and Healing. Each section is accompanied by a song lyric acting as a guide and motivation. The sections are dedicated to feelings and questions we want our community to explore.


What did growing up in NYC look like for you? How do you express yourself? What does protest look like? How do you take care of yourself? How can you reflect on your upbringing through art and activism?

Our team of artists, designers, writers, and educators collaboratively worked to produce a zine-like artifact that challenges and brings joy to our community. 

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