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Da Cypher is a platform that cultivates creative concepts documented through the lens of art, fashion, and the youth.


We are a collective dedicated to reclaiming and highlighting stories told by and for Black and Brown people. We deeply value world-building, pushing boundaries, and fostering new communities.


We seek to inspire and provide opportunities for the youth by forging new paths to innovative storytelling, artistic collaboration, and entrepreneurial efforts.


Our goal is to capture, promote, and re-imagine the history of disadvantaged folk, elevating the lives and minds of the youth.


With unity and love, anything is possible.

Founded June 2020 by Founder/ Creative Director Arabia Simeon.




Our mindset derives from The Nation of Gods And Earth's Supreme Mathematics. 

0 = Cipher, representing a perfect circle of 360°. One's cipher is the spaces we have control over. 

Cipher = 120° Knowledge [The foundation of all things in existence] + 120° Wisdom [Supreme manifestation of thought, Show & Prove] + 120° Understanding [Comprehension]. 


Our Structure is built on the 5-Pillars of HipHop. 

1. Wisdom

2. The MC 

3. The Artist/Graffiti

4. The Breakdancer 

5. The DJ    


HipHop is a revolutionary movement that continues to inspire, elevate, and expand the minds of Black and Brown people globally.  Our foundation is rooted in the essence of HipHop. 


We take action by uplifting the talents of disadvantaged folks, especially BIPOC in the hood. We believe in “Each one. Teach one”, an African-American proverb originating during slavery. Enslaved people were denied an education, if one knew how to read or write, it became their responsibility to teach another person.


Our mission vows to continue to carry on our ancestor’s legacies, spread knowledge and resources for the betterment of our community.